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Guillaume Desnoix
married, 3 children
software engineer

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June, 1, 2007
May Traffic
May, 1, 2007
April Traffic
September, 2, 2006
New Icon!
There is now a new icon on my desktop for My IP Address. This is a useful website to determinate your dynamic IP (for example before joining an online game but there is many other uses).
September, 1, 2006
August Traffic
August, 1, 2006
July Traffic
April, 12, 2006
A New Goal
Looking at the stats again, I'm quite optimistic. So I decided to set a new challenge: 1,000,000 visitors (in 5 years). It will be difficult but not impossible. What do you think?
April, 10, 2006
We welcome today our 100,000th visitor. After only 159 days.
April, 1, 2006
March Traffic
March, 15, 2006
150 Countries
According to Google Analytics, the screenshot has been seen in 150 countries. The last country to join this already long list is Sudan. The visitor is living in Abu Se`id (Al Khartum).
March, 1, 2006
February Traffic
February, 24, 2006
Late and Tired
This blog has not been updated for two weeks but many posts are almost ready. I have strongly promoted this website but also the SEO contest. I'm also participating to the Online Casino BTDino SEO contest (that ends in two days) and my current rank is very encouraging (#5). I was so active that I feel a bit tired right now.
February, 19, 2006
Sixteenth Week
The new SEO contest organized by this website has a positive effect.
February, 10, 2006
Fifteenth Week
Between 500 and 600 visitors per day.
February, 5, 2006
SEO Contests
I'm now competiting in a few SEO contests, including Online Casino BTDino and V7ndotcom Elursrebmem. Why? First it brings visitors interested by these contests, they are potential buyers for my icons and they may be interested by the advertised websites. Second any money earned will be spent to promote this website, so it will benefit all the advertisers. If you want to help, just link these pages with similar keywords.
February, 2, 2006
Fourteenth Week
Traffic is sustained and regular.
January, 30, 2006
New icon and this is a Blog!
Blogs are now a big phenomenom of the Internet. Vincent Abry wrote daily about major (and sometimes lighter) topics. This interesting blog is available in both english and french. Found his place in my bookmarks.
January, 28, 2006
"I'm better than you!"
He said. Finally the most famous internet celebrity visited me (why didn't I increase the price? $100 is a bargain for a multi-million man).
January, 27, 2006
Thirteenth Week
Back to a more reasonable level.
January, 21, 2006
Two Icons Bought
Two icons were bought within a few hours, by two websites offering pixel advertising. The first one is Pix Me Up, a top 5 pixel website that should soon reach the same notoriety than the original million dollar homepage. The second one is One Cent Ads, a very active and growing website that not only offers affordable pixel blocks but is the leader of his category.
January, 20, 2006
Twelfth Week
The traffic of this week is unsual with a very high peak on Monday. That's what happened when you're linked by a major forum.
January, 17, 2006
My Secret Dream
Now I can tell you: my secret dream is to beat the Million Dollar Homepage one day. But if it is no secret anymore, it is still a dream.
January, 16, 2006
The Flood: 5,065 Visitors Today
More than 5,000 visitors in a single day... When I started this website two months ago, I didn't imagine so many visitors would come like that, so suddenly.
January, 15, 2006
New Record
2,336 today. Wow! 65% of the visitors are comming from a major dutch website. They have more than 57,000 registered members and around 1,600 permanently online.
January, 14, 2006
Over 1,000
The traffic was excellent today, we have welcomed 1296 visitors.
January, 13, 2006
Eleventh Week
Traffic of this week. The average traffic is growing.
January, 12, 2006
Alexa Top 100,000
Really good news! Alexa has updated the 3-month ranks and we are finally in the top 100,000.
January, 11, 2006
Mentioned in GrowFolio
"the January 2006 issue of growFolio is available online. The Million Dollar Screenshot is mentioned in our article on the MDHP on pages 8-9. You can download the issue (PDF)."
January, 10, 2006
A Dynamic Banner
Now you can use this dynamic banner to display on your website the latest stats. Here is the code to insert and the result:

January, 7, 2006
Tenth Week
Traffic of this week. You can see the "positive" effect of the New Year Eve.
January, 2, 2006
Third Icon
Such a good surprise to begin the new year with! A new icon has been bought by a french fireman. He is running a website named Mon Premier Million and participating in what we now call pixel advertising. He has an article in english to explain it all.
January, 1, 2006
Happy New Year!
I wish you the best for this new year. I would like also to thank you for reading this blog. This website is a fantastic experience. It has only been possible because of your interest. I also thank the companies and individuals who bought an icon for their kind trust.
December, 30, 2005
Ninth Week
Traffic of this week. You can see the "negative" effect of Christmas.
December, 27, 2005
Age of Empires
Even if I was naughty all the year ;), Santa Claus brought me the third opus of AoE. Since I'm playing every evening, I have put an icon in my column (if you have a small screen, just scroll to see it).
December, 23, 2005
Eighth Week
Traffic of this week. Averaging aroung 300 visitors per day.
December, 22, 2005
Banned IPs
I have now a script to ban automaticaly those who abuse (mainly by pinging the stats). There is actually 263 Class C networks excluded (about 66,000 computers). That may exclude some real visitors (and I'm sorry for that) but it seems necessary. BTW, I learnt quite a lot about iptables during the process.
December, 21, 2005
Linked by
In it's article about pixel advertising, has selected the Million Dollar Screenshot (and another website) among hundreds. The article is written in italian.
December, 19, 2005
Seventh Week
The traffic graph for the previous week. Nothing particular since I removed the bad hits.
December, 18, 2005
End of Spam Hits
In addition to all the measures already taken, I also set the IgnoreURL for the targeted page. So new bad hits will be ignored from now. Anyway you can see them for the last four days: the difference between the visits and the sites is big.

December, 14, 2005
Artificial Referrers
I have noticed a strange boost in the number of visits. It is due to the visits of bots to spam links for drugs. I made two mistakes that I have now fixed. First the stats weren't excluded for the webcrawlers. Second they were directly accessible. To access the Webalizer stats, you know need to log in (user: guest, password: guest). I'm now counting the visitors by taking the minimum of the number of visits and the number of different sites. Canceling around 800 visitors that were probably not real.
December, 14, 2005
Second Icon
I finally received this morning the icon and the link for the second sold icon. The advertized website is CompuDot.Com and is selling web templates. I have quickly review them and they look nice. The prices are affordable.
December, 12, 2005
100 Countries
This is probably a bit childish but I found it very pleasant to know that people of 100 different countries came here. The list is too long to be published here but the US is around 36%.
December, 10, 2005
Sixth Week
Usual traffic graph.
December, 7, 2005
After running this website for 40 days, I'm quite satisfied with the results so far. But, as Alex said, "you know you're successfull when guys are copying you". And today I know I'm successfull because I found a copy of my website. A poor croatian guy did not only copy the idea but just mirrored my pages, copying all the images, the layout, .... just replacing the links by his own affiliate links. Anyway his page is empty so far. OTOH, no affiliate links on the original million dollar screenshot, no cheating, just pure traffic. Sorry but I won't link to his page, no free ad for the cheaters.
December, 3, 2005
Fifth Week
Every day is different but the weekly traffic continues to grow at a nice pace. The auction is finished, I will set the new icon as soon as I received the icon and the link from the winner (who has already paid).
December, 1, 2005
10000 Visits, One Month
The website has reached 10000 visits (according to Webanalyzer that is probably a bit optimistic) after one month. This is a very satisfying result. Also one more day before the end of the auction.
November, 30, 2005
Affiliation Program Launched
There is now an affiliation program. Do you have a website? Are you active on forums? Then you should look at it.
November 27, 2005
I forgot to mention that this website has been 'dugg' at, a technology news website that employs non-hierarchical editorial control.
November 25, 2005
Fourth Week
Here is the graph for the fourth week. The pattern seems repetitive: there is less traffic during the weekend.
November 22, 2005
Auction at eBay
The first auction at eBay has been set, starting at $1 with no reserve. It will run for ten days. Bid now!
November 18, 2005
Third Week
Here is the graph for the third week. If you dismiss local peaks, the trend is positive. The Google effect is also perceptible. The website is now correctly referenced and people find it with a search.
November 13, 2005
50 countries
The interest for this website is truely international. Here is the list for the three last days:
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea (South), Latvia, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab, United States, Venezuela, Yugoslavia
November 11, 2005
Second Week
Here is the graph for the second week. There was a peak at 689 visitors on Monday. But this was exceptionnal. I think we are at a decisive step and the next week will be particulary interesting.
November 9, 2005
First Sale
I was doubtful. I have verified the different prices, seen how much someone pays for an untargeted visitor, ... I don't know too much in marketing but I'm convinced that $100 for an icon is a good deal. Cheaper than most other forms of online advertising. But this morning, my mailbox rang. One email from Paypal, one from The BrainStorm Network. Yes, this company, that hosts websites and games, bought an icon. If you're a webmaster or a gamer, you should give them a visit.
November 6, 2005
128, 256, 512, ...
One of the initial goals was to double traffic every day. It was easy at the beginning. But on Friday there was only 256 visitors. The goal was met but with no margin. Yesterday was a bit better: 568. However, I don't think 1024 visitors will come today. Trees don't reach the sky.
November 4, 2005
Second Time Blogged
Here it is, if you can read finnish. I can't, so let's hope it is something positive. On another topic, my rank at Alexa is like a yoyo. You better look at the stats for more accurate numbers. That would give you a better picture of what you can expect by buying an icon.
November 3, 2005
One week already. I have been surprised by the number of visitors so far. Higher than expected, especialy if you consider the fact that this website wasn't referenced by search engines. I also get a rank at Alexa. And a graph! So this website is among the 100,000 most visited ones. In magenta is the planned traffic (double everyday), in blue is the real one.
November 1, 2005
First Time Blogged
The MIT Advertising Lab, a blog on the future of advertising technology has blogged about this website. To quote him: "The Million Dollar Screenshot adds a nice and imaginative twist to the ad-pixel craze."
October 30, 2005
Looks OK Now
Still a few things to fix on the website. After, I will try to make the update of the screenshot automatic. I updated my signature for posting on Usenet, to include a link to the Million Dollar Screenshot website. The goal is now to double trafic every day.
October 28, 2005
It is 21:00 PM here (Compiègne, France) and the Million Dollar Screenshot website is officaly launched. There is still quite a few things to do: the way the screenshot is displayed is not really nice. But how to do? Any e-Commerce website must be well-designed and easy to navigate. This one is no exception.

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