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Online Casino BTDino

Online Information

And what about one million dollar for you ?
BTDino Online Casino

You won't find any information about online casinos here because this page is only about SEO: how to optimize your online presence. This contest is quite interesting because it uses common words like 'casino' and 'online'. On the other hand, when the contest started, it gave no result.

I'm participating in the best search engine optimization contest
organized by BeTheDealer online casino games.


Casino Poker

Nothing about Poker, of course. But in a way, SEO is close to Poker. You must bluff both the search engines and your competitors. For example, the game is to make MSN believe that this page is about an online casino named BTDino when it is just about SEO. The links here are just first answers by the search engine for the word 'casino'.

BTDino Roulette

There are many players participating to this roulette but all you have to do is to be ranked among the 50 first results. That doesn't sound too difficult. But to be number one is difficult. I will need the power of the online casino btdino for that.

Please visit the main page. This page is not interesting. How ever, I need your help for winning. Please link this page with the following words 'Online Casino BTDino'.
BTDino Online Money


Online Table

One more link about online casino games. Don't know if it helps.

Casino Money

I'm just adding some more games, from Jackpot to Baccarat. Instead of adding backlinks...

Other Online Games


Well I don't like them too much. Online casinos being the topic, I still have to talk non-sense about them. I'm even forced to link them. Forget about Casino Information and Online Casino Reports. That's how M.S.N. works.

Black Jack and Cash

On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about online games, casino games and the BTDino casino. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact me.

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