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`The Four Required Words` SEO Contest

A long time ago in a googlaxy far, far away . . . It is a period of seo war.
Rebel backlinks, striking from a hidden site, have won their first victory against the evil Googlic Empire.


The contest is finished. Congratulations to the winners and a big thank to all the competitors!
Sponsors - 4064 visits, 4983 page views
(since Feb. 15th 2006 according to Google Analytics)
All the money (minus $5 per tx) goes to the prize of your choice. Ads are ordered by donated amount. Once paid, email me with your image, link and the prize you want to sponsor.


This is a new SEO contest (Search Engine Optimization) organized by myself. It started on February 15th and will end on May 15th. I'm interested to compare the results between the different search engines, both for pages and images. The search expression is "the four required words".

This SEO contest is interesting because:

  1. only common english words are used (no elursrebmem, redscowl, rohtuaswentahyarg or btdino)
  2. it uses a quoted expression
  3. it uses four web search engines and three image search engines

I'm an individual so the prizes are not so big (total: $335). However, if this contest is a success, prizes may be increased, searches added or new positions considered. All prizes will be paid via PayPal and include the transaction fee.

If you're a company and want to give a prize, let me know. You will be advertised here (at the top of the page and with the prize) for four years minimum.

Now read the page that lists the searches and prizes.
Join the competition now!

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