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The Value of My Icons

Are they worth buying?

Supposing you run a website, here is a list of good reasons why you should consider to buy a location on my computer desktop. So what about my icons?

1. They are unique

Really. They are available only on my computer desktop. Nowhere else. And they are displayed on the Million Dollar Screenshot website.

2. They are rare

There is only 77 icons to sell. If you don't grab one of them, you're lost.

3. They are valuable

We expect have thousands of unique visitors. And these visitors will click on these icons. If you have an icon on the Million Dollar Screenshot, some of them will visit your website.

4. High ROI

While it is difficult to estimate the return on investment right now, we expect it to be very high. Remember that the concept of this site is unique: this is the first time someone is selling his desktop space. And the icons are guaranted to be displayed for five years minimum.

5. Increase your PageRank

The PR (PageRank) is an indicator defined by Google. A high PR improves your placement on Google Search. All the advertised websites get a direct link on the screenshot (PR5), on the blog (PR3) and on this list (PR4).

6. Low CPC

Our goal is to provide the lowest cost-per-click. Since your investment is fixed, it means to maximize the number of clicks on your icon. During the first 396 days, the demo icon (The Red Man) has received 6003 clicks. The CPC for this icon is already as low as $0.02 ($100/6003). And there is still 1431 days to go.

Data updated on November 28th, 2006
URL (paid icons) Current CPC Clicks Days 0.052159384 0.021471349 0.042455330 0.052100311
KevinM882 0.071436311 0.042754304 0.061612303 0.23433298 0.04754298 0.13776281 0.37267280 0.18551271 0.16637267 0.72139184 0.6914485
URL (non-paid icons) Current CPC Clicks Days
TheRedMan 0.026003396 0.025373391 0.033605385 0.061575385 0.042495330 0.081247315

6. High Traffic

Check yourself:

  • The statistics reported by Webalyzer
  • The statistics reported by Google Analytics
  • Alexa Ranks (among 42,000,000 websites)
    Max Alexa Today Rank 11,428 (the lower, the better) February 18th, 2006
    Max Alexa Week Rank: 17,134 (the lower, the better) February 21th, 2006
    Max Alexa 3-month Rank: 25,301 (the lower, the better) April 3rd, 2006
    Be aware that ranks at Alexa are subject to drastic changes.
  • Google Public Page Rank for the homepage: 5/10
    It went directly from 0 to 6 (Feb. 2006), then down to 5 (Sept. 2006).

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